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Our Vision for Communities

We exist to help communities solve the most complex problems affecting their most vulnerable, hardest hit neighbors. 


Homelessness is a preventable condition and we believe resolving it is key to creating healthier communities. We envision communities where everyone has a home, the support of caring neighbors, and opportunities for a healthy, promising future.

Our perspective on homelessness is based on twenty years of experience ending street homelessness, developing and operating permanent supportive housing and bringing a range of community partners together to create and share cost-effective solutions to support our most vulnerable neighbors.

As results-oriented social entrepreneurs, we are fueled by optimism, driven by data, and convinced that powerful ideas linked to the efforts of a network of partners can solve urgent, complex and costly community challenges.


What others might see as the toughest problems, we see as the highest-leverage opportunities. We focus on people and places facing the most complex challenges, where effective solutions can have the widest impact on health and housing outcomes, practices and policies.

Research and our own work reveal that a small percentage of homeless people – roughly five per cent – have extremely complex needs and a disproportionate impact on the ability of public systems to deliver cost-effective results. Community Solutions identifies these high-need individuals and families and connects them to housing and services that end their homelessness and dramatically improve their health and self-sufficiency.

This insight drives our efforts to share innovations nationally and accelerate the pace of change. We focus our work on the “tipping point” communities that account for the majority of homelessness in the United States. Ultimately, our goal is to change public systems so that homeless families and individuals can get the transformative help they need at a lower public cost.