At Community Solutions, we work toward a future without homelessness, in which poverty never follows families beyond a single generation.


There is good evidence that a comprehensive investment approach is a win-win for communities of concentrated poverty. Not only would it enable more citizens to contribute to our communities and economy, but it could sharply reduce the amounts now spent on criminal justice, child protection, and healthcare in these neighborhoods.

Quality Improvement is about so much more than simply ending veteran homelessness by the end of 2015 and chronic homelessness in 2016. It’s also about shifting away from old ways of working and moving toward a new way of problem solving and systems design that can adapt to evolving social challenges.

By disincentivizing area investment and depressing public activity, empty lots act as sore spots for the community. Lot reactivation makes a twofold impact by discouraging the use of abandoned spaces as places for drug consumption, illegal dumping and other detrimental activities while simultaneously challenging narratives of hopelessness around the potential for positive neighborhood change.