At Community Solutions, we work toward a future without homelessness, in which poverty never follows families beyond a single generation.


Avilda is excited about her first season vending at MGB POPS, where she runs her own low-cost storefront and can take her business to a level she once thought financially out of reach. Her visually striking work adds to the festive environment and contributes to a new story about the vibrancy in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

“Greg Jackson loved to ask people, ‘Who are you going to help today?’ This building is a response to that question,” said Rosanne Haggerty, president of Community Solutions. “The Gregory Jackson Center for Brownsville will provide a space for Brownsville residents and organizations to help each other and to work on improving Brownsville together. We couldn’t be prouder to open the Center in Greg’s memory and to dedicate it to carrying on his legacy.”

Imagine if it always worked this way. Imagine if developers, governments and philanthropic agents saw themselves as part of a shared system with a shared aim. What if, instead of asking, “What would it take to get another deal done?” we asked, “How many apartments would it take to end veteran homelessness, and what’s the straightest line to that outcome?”