Connecting Resources

Community Solutions helps communities mobilize partners and resources to connect vulnerable people to the health, employment, and other services they need to succeed in their homes and communities. Our approach costs far less than responses to homelessness such as shelters and hospitals.


We help communities deliver services to those at risk of becoming homeless or returning to the streets, including those with extensive hospitalizations.

  • Knowledge. We provide expertise in data analytics and strategic planning, healthcare, public health, case management, housing placement, government subsidies and funding, negotiation, campaign management and the use of social media.
  • Training. We train communities to make best use of existing resources and bring in needed services in cost-effective ways.
  • Planning. We work with agencies and local leaders to plan community-wide improvements that strengthen neighborhoods while supporting vulnerable residents—parks, youth centers, Head Start programs, jobs and leadership training, crime prevention.
  • Integration. We help integrate housing with health, mental health and other services, and the government benefits people need to stay in their homes and out of emergency rooms, hospitals and jails.

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Homelessness and Healthcare

New York City - Sometimes the hospital becomes a home.Imagine being on the street with asthma, diabetes, an addiction to alcohol or cocaine. You’re sick and can’t take care of yourself. And you have no home base to recover and rest. So, the Emergency Room or a hospital room becomes, at least for a short while, the only place you get fed, get your medicine and get people to pay attention or care.

The Brownsville Partnership

New York - The Brownsville Partnership (BP) is a network of organizations and residents working together to build on existing assets to create solutions to Brownsville’s most pressing challenges. Community Solutions coordinates the BP, which draws on the participation of more than 25 different local groups in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville, as well as the robust engagement of local community members.The Challenge