New York

The Brownsville Partnership

A Community Approach to Ending Homelessness before It Begins

The Brownsville Partnership (BP) is a network of organizations and residents working together to build on existing assets to create solutions to Brownsville’s most pressing challenges. Community Solutions coordinates the BP, which draws on the participation of more than 25 different local groups in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville, as well as the robust engagement of local community members.

The Challenge

Brownsville is one of a handful of New York City neighborhoods where the major indicators of  poverty are concentrated. Within Brownsville, data reveals that six large public housing developments are at the heart of the distress. With our partners, we are concentrating existing resources and support networks around this particularly hard-hit group of residents, and strengthening ties between Brownsville and the rest of the City to expand opportunities for all residents.

Our Goal

Between 2014 and 2017, the BP will connect 5,000 residents to jobs, convening a City-wide network of partners to target the economic instability at the root of Brownsville’s housing, health and public safety challenges.

Our Method

The BP coordinates a multi-sector network of community residents, institutions, nonprofits and government agencies. Through data analysis, community mobilization, regular convenings of partners and aligning of common goals, we build the local infrastructure to support collective problem solving around Brownsville’s most complex challenges.


The BP has already secured two top job placement organizations and a leading employer as partners in the 5,000 Jobs Campaign to be launched in Summer 2014.

A Secure Job and Home

*Karen first came to the Brownsville Partnership facing eviction because of rental arrears. Her job as a home health aide was unstable; when her hours would fluctuate week to week she wasn't always able to pay the rent for her public housing apartment. The Brownsville Partnership’s Family Coach assisted Karen in finding a new job with more reliable hours at John F. Kennedy Airport, where she helps  guide those with disabilities around the terminal.

The Family Coach also accompanied Karen to housing court and worked with her to compile the necessary documentation to resolve her rental arrears and have her rent adjusted by her local housing authority to reflect her actual income. The coach also assisted her in securing small grants to cover her rental arrears.

Since the Partnership helped her stabilize her housing and employment situation, Karen has been able to help support her daughter and two grandchildren, who also live with her. 

*Named changed