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The 100,000 Homes Campaign

A National Movement to House America's Most Vulnerable Homeless People

The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a national movement of over 230 cities, counties and states that are working together to house 100,000 vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals and families by July of 2014. Participating communities have already moved more than 90,000 homeless Americans into permanent housing, transforming their public systems along the way. Coordinated by Community Solutions and supported by a broad base of national and local partners, the Campaign helps communities turn their service systems into solution systems capable of ending street homelessness for good.

The Challenge

Homelessness in America is a public health emergency. The mortality rate for street homelessness is on par with some forms of cancer, often cutting a person's lifespan by as much as 25 years. Meanwhile, the publicly funded health costs of allowing people to remain on the streets far exceed the cost of permanent supportive housing by as much as 70 percent per person annually. With recent federal estimates indicating that close to 100,000 Americans currently experience chronic homelessness, preventable deaths and huge public costs have become the norm. Something has to change.

Our Method

A team of 13 Community Solutions employees coordinates a national movement of over 230 communities working together to find permanent housing for 100,000 vulnerable and chronically homeless Americans by July of 2014. The Campaign leverages an online problem solving infrastructure and a battery of in-person training opportunities to connect communities to best practices, and more importantly, to one another. These communities work with the Campaign staff to identify all of their homeless neighbors by name, track and measure their local housing placement progress, and adopt process improvements and evidence-based best practices to improve their ability to house homeless people more quickly. Along the way, they join a national learning community that ensures that the best innovations in the field can spread quickly and decisively across the country.


To date, the Campaign has helped 235 cities, counties and states to identify and house more than 90,000 of the most vulnerable, chronically homeless people in America. This number includes more than 1,000 families and 20,000 military veterans. Additionally, more than 50 participating communities are now on track to end chronic and vulnerable homelessness within the next four years.

Home for Good

Ernie served in the Navy for seven years during Vietnam before returning to Arlington, VA. He worked for a defense contractor for many years, but was eventually laid off and forced to seek sporadic work as a day laborer. When he injured his back, even these temporary jobs became impossible. Two years ago, with no income and limited ability to work, Ernie began sleeping under a wooded overpass in Arlington County.

In 2012, Thanksgiving came early for Ernie when a team from A-SPAN, the organization leading the 100,000 Homes Campaign in Arlington, secured him a permanent one-bedroom apartment and a VA housing voucher.

Since the 100,000 Homes Campaign began in 2010, participating community organizations like ASPAN have helped more than 22,000 veterans escape homelessness for the security of permanent housing.