Ending Veterans Homelessness in 2016 is goal of Lancaster County Coalition

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Already seeing fewer people sleeping in shelters and on the street, a coalition to end Lancaster County homelessness is pushing forward with a sharper focus on veterans and new funding.

Coalition leaders said Wednesday that Lancaster County is the only Pennsylvania community selected for a competitive, national initiative called Zero: 2016 to end chronic and veterans homelessness within two years.

City participates in Zero: 2016 campaign to end homelessness - Additional beds at Bartlett House, Caritas House in the works

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Last week, the Coordinating Council on Homelessness released its annual report that showed significant progress in addressing homelessness in Morgantown while briefing citizens on its future plans to hopefully eliminate the situation.

After taking part in the nation-wide 100,000 Homes Campaign, an initiative in which more than 186 communities worked to find permanent homes for 105,000 chronic and medically vulnerable, homeless Americans in a span of four years. The CCOH assisted in rehousing 206 homeless persons between 2013-2014, a 42 percent increase from the previous year.

5 Reasons Veteran Homelessness in This State Dropped 75% in 100 Days

Monday, February 9, 2015

Yesterday, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe joined federal, state and local leaders to celebrate a momentous achievement in the fight to end veteran homelessness. Over the course of 100 days, the Commonwealth of Virginia decreased veteran homelessness by 75 percent. The fastest drop in veteran homelessness ever made by a state.

The accomplishment builds on the success of a growing number of municipalities, including Phoenix, Salt Lake City and New Orleans who have ended or significantly decreased the number of homeless veterans in their communities.

Can homelessness among veterans ever be conquered

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Orleans announced in early January that it was the first major city in the country to meet a goal issued by the Obama administration in 2010: ending veteran homelessness.

But despite dedicated efforts across the country to meet the goal by the end of 2015, and a renewed push last year after Michelle Obama’s announcement of the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness, there has been no standard or official definition of what “eliminating veteran homelessness” really means.

Early results indicate drop in homelessness

Thursday, February 5, 2015

On Monday, a sense of anticipation filled the HOPE Community cafeteria as Big Bend Homeless Coalition Director Susan Pourciau stood to deliver news she hopes could one day put her out of a job.

Tallahassee's homeless population is steadily dropping based on preliminary results from last week's three-day Point-in-Time survey, Pourciau announced. It shows 777 people reported being homeless compared to the 805 participants in the 2014 survey.

Despite federal changes, Oklahoma advocacy groups continue efforts to house chronically homeless

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Even as federal officials back off a plan to end chronic homelessness nationwide by the end of next year, homeless advocates say they still think the goal is attainable in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman are among 71 cities nationwide included in a national initiative to find housing for homeless veterans and chronically homeless people over the next two years. Although federal deadlines have changed, homeless advocates in Oklahoma City plan to move forward with their original goals.

Mayor Bowser, Obama staff and non-profits converge to help DC homeless

Thursday, February 5, 2015

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --- DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, area non-profits and Obama staff filled a room of volunteers inside the National City Christian Church, 1.28.15.

The annual Point in Time Count collects identification and personal information on people living on the streets. Volunteers conduct the evening survey until 2 a.m.

"And data is important. Knowing how we're going to help more people in the District of Columbia really achieve what so many people are enjoying. And that's prosperity," said Mayor Bowser.

Arlington’s no-silos approach has housed hundreds of chronically homeless adults

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Late at night, David Clark wakes up and goes to the kitchen to choose from the boxes of cereal atop his refrigerator. He pours cold milk into the bowl and counts his blessings.

Toilet paper, which he keeps in abundant supply. Body wash that lathers up nicely. A machine to shampoo the rugs in his immaculate one-bedroom apartment.

“When I come in, I can sit right there on that couch and turn on the television,” said Clark, 57, pointing to the worn beige sofa. “Don’t have nobody telling me when to get up or go to sleep.”