Feb 5, 2013
Alex Sanders
ByAlex Sanders

The HOPE Summit: Fostering Hope in Brownsville

Who: The Brownsville Partnership and the Municipal Art Society

The Brownsville Partnership has worked since its inception in 2008 to make Brownsville a safer, healthier and more prosperous community. Our strategy entails a collective impact approach to community development that involves residents of public housing and more than 20 organizations working together to foster measurable change. Our efforts focus on three strategic priority areas: stabilizing vulnerable families, reducing gun violence by 50 percent and creating positive, visible change. Community Solutions leads this effort with a Brownsville-based team of 20, who work directly with Brownsville families in public housing developments to build their capabilities and opportunities.

What: The 2013 HOPE Summit

The summit will offer Brownsville residents and friends of Brownsville an opportunity to gather community input about safety concerns and discuss community revitalization through facilitated dialogue and planning activities.


When │ Where:

Reception for the 2013 HOPE Summit
Friday, February 22, 2013 │ 6 p.m.
Howard Houses Community Center

2013 HOPE Summit
Saturday, February 23, 2013 │ 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Van Dyke Community Center

Why │ How:

The summit, which will kick off a series of community planning meetings, is crucial to the community because residents have watched as developments were erected without their input. The community has also been faced with a lack of development, resulting in vacant lots that dot the neighborhood that are waiting to be replaced with resources that meet the needs of Brownsville residents. This HOPE Summit will serve to gather community input before the redevelopment process begins and simultaneously instill hope for a better Brownsville.